Winch Recovery Awareness



As part of the clubs goals to to provide our financial members with different types of 4wd training we are now running a Winch Recovery Awareness Program.

This program is 4wd Qld approved and will provide members with a good awareness of how to do winch recoveries in a more effective and safe way


Learning objectives: 

1 Knowledge of and respect for the hazards of winch operation

2 Principles of winch operation and capability, including examples

3 Gearing effects, i.e. double line pull, short vs long pull

5 Winch force calculation example

6 Winch spool pre / post-tension

7 Basic winch operation (set up and complete double line pull)


Participants: Financial club members only

Cost: Free to Financial Members

Camping available see Currabah details.

Venue: Private property at Curra, just north of gympie. 

Timing: 3 hours (est.) duration (dependant on number of participants)

Down load course info here

Check club events for to register for next course.