Trip Leaders

Trip leaders are the life blood of the the club as without leaders there are no trips.

The most important people in the club are the volunteer Trip Leaders. Volunteers are not perfect, but they do their best.

The Club needs LOTS of Trip Leaders. The Club will be weak if members rely on only a few volunteers to be trip leaders.

So volunteer to be a Trip Leader even if you do not have all the competencies. We have other members and training to help you.


On this page are links to information to help trip leaders to organise their trips with the club documents needed as well as a trip planning with information on past trips. Also there is a link to our Trip Leader Workshop for members who would like get involved with running club trips as part of our club training program.

If you need any help please contact our Trip Co-Ordinator 

or our Training Officer


Trip Planning

Documents and Forms 

Trip Leader Workshop

Training Courses