Teewah Fishing Weekend Trip Report

30th September 2023
What a great weekend it was. Peder and Lionel arrived on the Thursday night and setup camp then kicked back with a few beers and enjoying view of a nice flat ocean. Saturday Morning....................................................

What a great weekend it was.  Peder and Lionel arrived on the Thursday night and setup camp then kicked back with a few beers and enjoying view of a nice flat ocean.  Saturday Morning we had Simo, Dan and his family, and a new temporary new member Dan and his kids, which made it a great family weekend.  Once everyone was setup we headed of to Teewah bay which was  busy with other like minded adventures.  The kids were happy having a swimming and throwing the frisbey around.

Simo kicked back and was pumping out some serious Zzzz after getting up very early that morning.  For lunch we headed up to rainbow beach, along the beach track.  This was a first for us as we had never been able to do this before.  This saved us alot of time. 

We all went to the pub for lunch which had great views.  Then we headed back to camp and was still able to drive on the beach back to the bay then back to the camp site. 

Dan and his family decied to drive the inland track as he had never drove it before. When we got back to the camp site for a few quiet ones and watched 3 whales jumping around and having fun for the afternoon in front of our campsite.

Dan and his family headed home while the rest of us cooked dinner that night and then went to bed. 

Sunday morning everyone packed up and started heading back. This is where things started getting very challanging. 

The sand was very soft and made driving very difficult for all drivers, especially if you were towing a caravan. Lionel come to the rescue 4 times as Peder getting bogged down in the soft sand.  The caravan was acting like a sand anchor making if very difficult to drive.  Lionel and Simo come to the rescue of other drivers that were also bogged down. 

One driver was bogged but didn't bring anyrecovery equipment like maxx tracks, so he used mine.  Due to inexperience he burnt the top of the maxx tracks and therefore needed replacing, which is offered to do.

After battling the sand for a few hours, we finally made it to the barge and headed home to clean all the sand off our cars and vans. 


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