Glastonbury Camp Trip Report

25th November 2022

Glastonbury camping weekend.  What a great and unexpected perfect weekend.  Friday Nigel and Danielle, Peder and Kerry, Steve and Sandra arrived at Glastonbury creek only to find Catherine and Paul had already been there for a couple of days enjoying the tranquil camping area.

Peder had a little trouble getting to the camping area due to not paying attention to the signs, but managed to get there and setup camp before dark and a few beers around the fire with the rest.

Saturday morning Dave surprised us by coming up since it's been about 12 months since we last had seen him. My brother Lionel also paid us a visit for the weekend and was the first time he had been on a club event, followed by Brett.  Once everyone was setup, tyres were deflated and we were all keen to set off on a reccy with Brett as trip leader and keen to test out his new Garmin gps and for me to record a new map on my Hema.  The tracks proved to be medium rating and everyone handled it with ease and noticed a few tracks that we hadn't been on before and saved them for the afternoon trip after lunch.  One of the tracks was standard while the other gave us a little more of a challenge, but nothing we couldn't handle.

Saturday night was nice a cool sitting around the fire, while Catherine surprised everyone with these beautiful mini pizzas that she had made. Kerry loved them.

Sunday morning we set off after breakfast to try some tracks over the creek which some of us hadn't been on before.  Once we found the track, we were stopped a short distance in by a fallen tree, so out come the winch and Lionels very handy electric hand saw and went to work.  At the same time the owner of the property came over to say hello and have a chat.

With tree out the way we set off again on a very easy track, only to come across another fallen tree.  We had to clear 4 all up, but is was a good exercise in using the winch.


The owner said that there wasn't any hard driving up there... well, we found one that was a double black and it definitely put all of our skills to the test. We had to winch Lionel out a tricky sandy part of a creek with deep ravines on one side.  Then come the rocky section that was a good challenge for all of us, but with guidance and great driving skill we managed to clear that and started to make our way back to camp.  Just as we were coming off the property and crossing the creek, Nigel had a flat tyre.  We all chipped in and it wasn't long before we sorted that out and were back at camp. 

We all said our goodbyes and headed home.  What a great weekend.



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