Bluff Creek Camp Trip Report

1st September 2022
Bluff Creek Camp and Recky 
Great weekend with a surprise find, that had everyone one saying WOW

Bluff Creek Camp and Recky 
Great weekend with a surprise find, that had everyone one saying WOW

The weekend started Friday with Sam and Brad arriving at Bluff Creek Camp Groud around lunch, followed by Paul & Catherine, then Peder and Myself arrived to find some crazy people swimminglaugh

Next to arrive was visitor Peter with his nicely set up Mazda BT50 follow just before dark by Nigel and Daniel, I guss someone has to worksmiley












We had a cruizie night around the fire watching the footy, we wont memtion the Broncos


Saturday morning, we had a great breakfast and headed of into the Imbil State Forest to check out the condition of the tracks after all the rain and uodate our GPS and track gradings.

After a couple of u-turns we found what we were looking for with some great crossing and a nice run along the creek.

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Not long before lunch we cam across the suprise of the weekend a water fall and a series of rock pools that made for nice photos and would make for a great luch stop for a swim in summer.


Feeling hungray we ducked back to camp for lunch before heading out again to try some of the hill climbs we spotted in the morning.

And great climbs they were, pushing some beyond their comfort zone, with visitor Peter saying thats about my limitlaughand member Peder Dale getting to test out the new front locker in his Triton and realising how enjoyable it can be the go slow HaHa


After a fun afternoon including the warning that we were heading down an unknown 2.30 track, we decided it was beer aclock and made our way back to camp for happy hour.

Sunday morning Peter was up early and went a walk up the hill at camp and found a swing with a great view.


After a big day on Saturday we decided to have a lazy Sunday and sat back and enjoyed what is a peacful camp ground with a short walk to the Mary River.

Thank you everyone for a Great Weekend


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