Beyond the Bitumen

5th June 2022
Like many i thought the rain would never end, but happily it has and some normality it starting to come back to club activities......

Like many i thought the rain would never end, but happily it has and some normality it starting to come back to club activities......


Club events have been few and far between for the first 5 months of the year, but we have manage to get in a couple of great long weekend trips in April and May

First was our Easter weekend where we hosted our friends from the Gold Coast 4wd Club at the Curra property.


Then in May we headed to Fraser for 4 days to participate in the 21st annual 4wd Qld Fraser Island Cleanup.


Check out our trip reports in Club News and Club Photos to see what we got upto.

Upcomming Trips & Events


Our club will be running a Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser on Saturday the 18th June at Caloundra, please feel free to pop in and say Gday to our club members and of cause grab yourself one of our famous sausages.

With many forestry tracks still closed, planning day drives is still an issue, but we are still runnning  our monthly camp weekends with a Saturday day drive included for day trippers.

Take note: We have had to swap our June and July trips around due to camp ground closeures 

24th - 26th June Cedar Grove Camp at Amamoor

15th - 17th July Peach Trees Camp at Jimna

19th - 21st August Springs 4x4 Park

16th - 18th September 4th Annual Teewah Beach Fishing Weekend

30th Sept - 3rd Oct 4wd Qld Corroboree at Stanthorpe. The Corroboree is a gathering of all 4wd clubs for a fantastic weekend of 4wding and socialising. Registration is open to financial members with limited spots, please visit 


6th -7th August we will have a training weekend with our DAP and Winch courses

Check out our Events page for more information.


Association News

The association has joined member jungle the new website will be launched earlyJuly allowing for better communication between the association, clubs and members.

This will mean that members from all clubs will get a digital membership card and enjoy the benefits of a system our clubs has had for the last 18th months.

It will feature, information, blogs from the 4wd industry, special deals for members from sponsors, chatrooms for association events and for each club. Also there will be forums set up for members from each club to share ideas on car and camp set ups, repairs and many other subjects

Imagine you are planning a trip to Rocky, you could engage with the local club on the best 4wd tracks or places to see, or even tag along on one of their trips.

The new website will also incorporated the Fraser Island Clean Up site with the same login to register each year and to be able to see what you have purchased and receive updated info on your phone through the app or email.

Membership Renewals

Many of our finacial members would have received their renwal email for their financial membership which expired on the 30th of June.

Simply follow the link in the email. You can also go to the membership page and find the renewal link at the bottom of the page.


Well thats about it from me

See you all soon Beyound The Bitumen



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