Easter at Curra Trip Report

3rd May 2022
At Easter we hosted the Gold Coast 4wd Club at our club camp grounds at Curra.
5 days and nights of 4wheeling and socialising.........

At Easter we hosted the Gold Coast 4wd Club at our club camp grounds at Curra.

5 days and nights of 4wheeling and socialising.

The Easter week started on Thursday morning as committee members headed up early to make sure all was ready.

Thursday afternoon a steady number of members from both clubs arrived and set up ready for our first happy hour of the weekendlaugh and after dinner we all sat around the camp fire with a few ales and disscusing our plans for the weekend.

Friday morning saw a few more members role in and after they set up we headed out for a drive on the some of our 4wd tracks we have on the property, mainly rhe ones we use for club training and a few extra challenges thrown in.

After lunch we again drove a few more tracks one with a challenging rock climb which was fun to watch.

Friday night was footy time and some were happier than others with the results but after a couple of ales to drown the sorrrows we had another great night of fun and laughter around another rawing fire.20220415_201001

Saturday morning while the girls piled into cars and headed into Gympie for coffee and shopping, the blokes headed into the state forest for a morning of adventure.


So out we went with about 20 cars through the bush tracks till we got to a ill called Black Knob which is the highest peak in the forest and after most had a play on the different grades of track on offer and with a few members learning a leson about cutting courners, we headed for our next challenge at a track we call Rocky Road. 


With guidence and a fai bit of track building we were able to get all cars through no worse for ware but a few interesting moments for some.

After Rocky Road it was time to head back to camp for lunch and and a cold beer. With lunch over we cranked up the fire to get the coals ready for our camp oven dinner.

A few members headed into mud flap creek to do a bit of flood debris clearing so wecould have a drive on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday afternoon happy hour rolled in to dinner where we cooked up a feast for the senses with many camp oven dishes on offer and some awesome desserts to top off a great feed.



Sunday morning members were treated to a club supplied bacon and egg breafast, which was agreat way to start the day. Thank you to out expert cooks.



After our big breakfast we aired up our tyes for a day out playing tourists. Our first stop was the old Dickabram Bridge that runs over the Mary River between Miva and Theebine. It was the major bridge on the Kinaroy railway line built in 1885.


Now what would a drive in the country be with stopping at a local pub for lunch and our our pub of choice was the historic Theebine Hotel built in 1909 which put on a great bbq lunch and cold beer, just the way we like it.


With our bellies full we headed back to camp with a quick stop for fuel and an ice cream Yumcheeky

Back at camp a few members decided it was now or never for a drive in our creek run and the photos wont do justice but it was harder than looks with plenty of winching and we didnt finish the track until after dark.


Sunday night after dinner we settled in again arounf the fire but what would Easter be with out some Easter eggs. Especially ones filled with Baileys mmm i can still taste them.


Monday morning as a few packed up for the trip home others headed for Maryborough with lunch at the RSL club.

Big thank you to the Gold Coast club for joining us for the weekend and giving us a chance to show them our part of the world and look forward to our next camp together.






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