New Electric Landcruiser

By Jim
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In a world first, Toyota has partnered with American car company Tesla to produce an all-electric 305 Series LandCruiser, slated for release in October 2022.

Even more dramatically, the company has said it will no longer be producing internal combustion engines beyond 2023.

“Toyota is dedicated, not just to keeping up with the future, but to defining the future of offroad technology,” says Hirosaki Mukashima, head of Toyota’s new E4WD division.

Tesla’s Elon Musk has been uncharacteristically tight-lipped about the collaboration thus far, cryptically tweeting: “BUY TOYOTA STOCK” last week.

Toyota is claiming power and torque figures of over 423kW and 1250Nm with the new drivetrain, and a driving range over 1200km.

“By eliminating combustion noise management, exhaust and fuel tanks, we were able to dramatically scale back the weight of the new LandCruiser,” Mukashima said. “This has allowed us to incorporate never-before-seen options in the new range, including a brand new ice cream machine, fairy floss maker and, for the family who has it all, a popcorn machine that can produce a whopping 5kg of hot, buttered popcorn per hour.”

The new LandCruiser will also feature a self-driving mode, utilising cloud-based remote pilots.

“With the popularity and ubiquitousness of games like GTA5, we saw a great opportunity to harness remote driving technology,” claims Mukashima. “At the press of a button, LandCruiser owners can sit back and be driven to their destination of choice by a carefully vetted team of GTA5 players looking to earn a bit of extra cash. We see this as a win-win.”

For more information visit Toyota’s new E4WD page.

Happy April Fools, guys.


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