(Advanced) Drive a 4wd Vehicle in Difficult Terrain & Co-ordinate Recovery




This advanced 4wd course is part of a nationally recognised qualification conducted by the club with Four Wheel Drive Queensland as the Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code 5286) for our financial members. 


Before attending this course, it is a requirement that participants have already completed both the Clubs DAP(Driver Awareness Program) and the Drive and Recover a 4WD Vehicle and provide a copy of a valid RTO certificate and have conducted a wide range of club trips over an extended time period to gain advanced knowledge and experience within their vehicle’s capabilities over a range of difficult off-road terrain types as well as recovery operations (use of winches).


This course is not designed to teach the theory of difficult 4WDing but to assess the advanced skills (competencies) that you have already gained. You will need to demonstrate the competencies against the standards of FWPFGM3215 Perform Complex 4x4 Operations and FWPCOT3260 Recover 4WD Vehicles to achieve your qualification. 


Some requirements of the standards dictate that participants be assessed multiple times.  The course will occur over one day allowing sufficient time for participants to demonstrate competence multiple times to different assessors.  If some components are not completed other options to demonstrate these competencies may be provided to you at a later date. 


To complete the Drive a 4wd Vehicle in Difficult Terrain & Co-ordinate Recovery course you would be expected to:

  • Read the Advanced 4WD Guide Book (provided prior to the course).
  • Practice your driving skills in a range of difficult terrain types prior to the course.
  • Attend the course assessment day.
  • If you are assessed as 'Not Yet Competent' in a particular assessment the assessor will provide you with guidance to assist you to understand what changes should be taken and strategies to develop the competency. 


Any questions can be sent to our Training Officer by email to training@caloundracity4wdclub.com


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